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The Economic Reality of Soda Taxes

Taxes on common beverages won’t make people healthier, but they will make them poorer. In an editorial entitled, “Education better than taxes in efforts to drive down obesity,” The Oklahoman editorial board calls soda taxes a “gimmick” and notes that they raise grocery bills without improving public health. The editorial board highlights the recent implementation […]

Partnering With Mayors to Make a Difference

Today, at The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C., six mayors were selected to receive $445,000 in grants to support outstanding programs in their cities that encourage balanced diet choices and regular physical activity. The winning cities are Las Vegas, Nev.; Columbia, S.C.; Waterloo, Iowa; Phoenix, Ariz.; Gresham, Ore.; and […]

Reality Check

Illinois lawmakers are considering a penny-per-ounce tax on every day beverages like juice drinks, soda, sports drinks and tea to fill the state’s budget deficit. The proposed beverage tax will be placed on products that already have a hefty 6.25 percent states sales tax, resulting in higher grocery bills for Illinois families. And in Cook […]

Lining Government Coffers

To shore up the budget, Illinois policymakers are considering placing a penny-per-ounce tax on common grocery store items like juice drinks, soda, sports drinks and tea. A recent editorial from The Jacksonville Journal-Courier urges policymakers to tell the truth about the proposed tax – it’s not about health, it’s all about raising revenue. But discriminatory […]

Helping Support Your Goals

  We are almost two weeks into 2017, which means that people might already be struggling with their New Year’s resolutions. Lofty goals such as losing weight can be difficult to maintain and that’s why beverage companies are doing things to help you achieve your aims. Did you know that low- and no-calorie sweeteners and […]

New Hampshire Union Leader Takes Aim at Soda Taxes

Philadelphia isn’t the only place the unpopularity of the city’s new tax on more than 1,000 beverages is a hot topic. The consumer backlash to the tax is receiving attention nationwide, including by the New Hampshire Union Leader which said in an editorial, “Using the tax code to micromanage consumer behavior is just wrong.” The […]

Clemson Comes Out on Top

Last night, the college football season wrapped up with a game that came down to the wire between the Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide. Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers for winning the championship, which alluded them last year, on a game winning drive to put the cherry on top of a magical season for their […]

Philly’s Rude Awakening

A little over a week has passed since Philadelphia’s new 1.5 cent per ounce tax on beverages took effect and consumers and storeowners are feeling the burden of the discriminatory and regressive tax. According to an article on FOX News, the tax not only covers beverages with sugar but also low-calorie beverages, juice and even […]

How to Make Your Own Snowy Treat

There’s snow outside our office here at Sip & Savor, which made us think of one of our favorite chilly treats – slushies. The Maryland Science Center has a great how-to on making your own snowy slushy. The science behind making the slushy is supercooling the soda. The guide says “[a] supercool liquid is cold […]

Sticker Shock in the City of Brotherly Love

The city of Philadelphia ushered in 2017 with a big tax on more than 1,000 beverages and residents aren’t happy about it. As Reason.com reports, Philadelphians doing their grocery shopping on Jan. 1 faced unwelcome price hikes on their favorite drinks due to the city’s new 1.5 cent per ounce tax on beverages. Philadelphians have […]