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Kentucky Beverage Companies Donate Over $4 million in 2011

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For Kentucky’s beverage companies, our generosity runs deep.  We are so proud to help sponsor so many community activities and non-profits in our communities.  Kentucky’s beverage companies donate thousands of man-hours in addition to provide products and resources for these groups.

A report by a firm out of New York states that Kentucky’s beverage industry donated over $4.12 million in 2011 (You can read more about our philanthropic efforts in our Community Impact section of this website).

Add that to the $301 million beverage companies pay out in wages in Kentucky and you can see the immense impact that we have on our communities (and don’t forget what we provide nearly a half billion dollars in tax revenue for the state and federal governments).

Without a doubt, Kentucky beverage companies are delivering for our communities.  As the economy strengthens, we are hopeful that this impact will only continue to increase.

So when you see a Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper/Snapple, RC Cola, or Ale-8-One truck delivering your favorite local product, just remember that those guys and gals are delivering American made products, and their companies are reinvesting right in your hometown!



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