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Beverages & Oral Health

A person’s overall health and wellness is determined by many factors, including genetics, dietary habits and exercise.  Likewise, a person’s dental health also is impacted by many factors, such as genetics, dietary habits and oral hygiene habits. While some critics say beverages are a unique factor in causing tooth decay, the facts state otherwise.

Causes of Dental Cavities and Tooth Erosion

Oral health is determined by many different aspects. Several factors contribute to the formation of dental cavities, including the types of food consumed, the length of time foods are retained in the mouth and a person’s level of oral hygiene and access to professional dental care. Science tells us that individual susceptibility to both dental cavities and tooth erosion varies depending on a person’s behavior, lifestyle, diet and genetic make-up. In fact, there are multiple causes of dental cavities and erosion and many protective factors that can help prevent or minimize them.

Dental Health Continues to Improve

The good news is the number of cavities among children has declined significantly in America for the past several decades due to a number of factors, including fluoridated water and toothpaste, greater access to professional dental care, the use of dental sealants and better oral hygiene, to name a few.  We should all do our part to enhance oral health by brushing and flossing our teeth and making regular visits to the dentist.
Credit: American Beverage Association