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  • For many years America’s pharmacists were the driving force behind the refinement of soft drinks and many of the flavor combinations.
  • The invention of the “crown cap” in 1892 revolutionized the soft drink industry. Tiny in design it prevented the escape of carbon dioxide from bottled beverages, and opened the door for home consumption of soft drinks.
  • The invention of the automobile began a new era for the soft drink industry. In 1913 motor trucks began to replace horse drawn carriages as delivery vehicles and were better able to satisfy the country’s growing taste for liquid refreshment.
  • During the industrial age new automated machinery was developed making the soft drink industry more efficient and productive. The soft drink industry and the nation entered the era of mass production and national marketing.
  • The Depression led the way to the creation of innovative new soft drink brands and containers, which continued during the 1940’s and 50’s.
  • Responding to consumer demand, the industry rolled out soft drinks in cans (1958) and introduced diet beverages to the market (1952).
  • During World War II bottlers donated time, sweat equity and equipment to support the war effort. Their work resulted in the collection of more than 50 million pounds of scrap metal for manufacturing into armaments.
  • During World War II and all subsequent conflicts, the soft drink industry donated products to American troops serving on the front lines.

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Credit: Ohio Soft Drink Association